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The welcoming breeze of The Pine Estate

The Poseidonion Grand Hotel has welcomed a new member to its family with the arrival of The Pine Estate, a breath of fresh air in the cosmopolitan area of Agia Marina, set on a cape at the crest of the Aegean Sea. Its promises of exclusivity and natural seclusion are sure to revitalise guests as they explore the endless 360o panoramic views that unfold all around the Main House and from every lush, inviting lookout on this verdant property.


Here, guests are invited to thoroughly immerse themselves in the blissful environment of Spetses, the Aegean breeze and the cool pine shade that refreshes the property throughout the day. All the while, the brilliant sunlight during daybreak and even the silvery light of the moon paint the area in the most beautiful colours, offering moments of true tranquility.


The endless sea blue that unfolds over the horizon provides space for the mind to travel freely, while myriads of viridescent shades in the surrounding area, and the private beach which The Pine Estate has exclusive access to, offers visitors their own slice of heaven.


Its Main House is engaged in an open dialogue with the surrounding environment; here, simplicity meets elegance, with a hint of another era at an estate with its own story. Once a hunting lodge, it’s now a beautiful residence which comfortably hosts up to 12 guests  and presides just above the sea, offering a wonderful stay as it echoes the simplicity of architecture on Spetses through its subtle luxury.


Here, there are two comfortable lounges in which to relax, catch up on some light reading and enjoy the fragrant island breeze as it wafts through open windows. All 5 bedrooms in the Main House see to the evocative gardens or the infinity pool which is open to an amazing sea view, whilst there is also a detached guest house for two situated nearby.


The Pine Estate promises true relaxation and carefree moments with a variety of offerings that include an infinity pool with a sea view, a BBQ, an open-air bar and even a yoga terrace on which to perform sun salutations. Down a private footpath, an exclusive beach awaits guests for hours of sunbathing and swimming; this is also a perfect starting point for adventures around the island by private caique or yacht.


Spetses is filled with natural gems to explore on a tour of its untouched coasts and secret bays. Emerald leaves and sapphire waters make for a scene out of a postcard here, while nearby destinations like Hydra and the Peloponnese also call for unforgettable day trips.


Though The Pine Estate enjoys enviable seclusion, the main town of Spetses and the personalised services of the Poseidonion Grand Hotel are within close reach at all times, by private vehicle or even with a leisurely stroll! It’s ideal for a relaxed stay, to celebrate a great milestone or even for a once-in-a-lifetime event like a magical wedding with the assistance of the hotel’s catering team. No matter the occasion, this property is truly a place to refresh mind, body and soul amid the life-giving climate of Spetses.

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